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Gartner Research VP Pezzini - Rare Live Discussion on Integration

Now is your chance to ask questions

I have not been a big fan of the various research reports that have come out of Gartner Research lately on the topic of Integration - in particular the "iPaaS" series of reports. In fact, I have been quite vocal in my suggestions for improvement - with three articles on the topic on ebizQ alone.

Read It Yourself
Until now, the "general public" has not had access to the most recent (and in my opinion the most confusing) report on Integration - "iPaaS Expands Beyond Cloud Service Integration Through Flexible Deployment Topologies".

Boomi, a leading data integration vendor - and a company mentioned in the various Integration reports, has decided to purchase the rights to distribute the report. Boomi is making the report available to the public free of charge (although you do need spend 30 seconds registering for it).  Given that it probably costs a couple of thousand dollars unless you have an even more expensive Gartner Research subscription, it's not a bad trade-off.

I would highly recommend that anyone who is involved in data or application integration download the report, read it, and form your own opinions. Despite the flaws - many of which are simply a matter of communications style, there is a lot of valuable information buried in the reports.

Irrespective of my opinions on the actual report or the way Integration has been positioned and defined in these reports, Integration platforms like Boomi, Informatica Cloud, MuleSoft Mule iON or SnapLogic (all considered part of an Integration category called "iPaaS" by Gartner Research) are increasingly the future of Data and Application Integration.

From that perspective, I am in agreement with Massimo Pezzini - Gartner VP and author of the various "iPaaS" Integration Reports.

Hear It Yourself
Although I have been critical of this series of Integration reports, I think well of Massimo Pezzini. He is a highly knowledgeable person - even if I don't really care for how his iPaaS Integration category has been presented to date.

The folks at Boomi apparently think very highly of Pezzini, though, as they have not only licensed his latest report, but they have engaged him (probably at considerable cost) to do a live webinar on April 24th on iPaaS Register Here. I've reproduced most of the text from their invite below:

Integration PaaS: Enabling the Global Integrated Enterprise

Date: April 24th, 2012

Time: 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Duration: 60 minutes

In this live, limited-registration webinar, featured speaker Massimo Pezzini, VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner will introduce the notion and industry impact of iPaaS, a cloud-based alternative to integration middleware, and Pradip Sitaram, SVP & CIO, Enterprise Business Partners LLC will illustrate how iPaaS enabled a transformational cloud strategy by providing dramatically faster time-to-value and lower cost of integration.

Topics covered include:

  • What is iPaaS and how will it evolve
  • When should users consider iPaaS as an alternative to integration middleware
  • Live questions from the audience (seats are limited)

Anyhow, I do not know how many slots are open for this webinar, but if your job includes some sort of responsibility for application or data integration, I'd highly recommend that you register for this webinar (I have).

Ask Questions!
I look forward to hearing what Pezzini has to say about iPaaS - and listening to the question and answer session.

I hope that Pezzini has taken the time to clarify things and to present iPaaS in such a way that it benefits organizations - rather than just being some intellectual exercise that lacks practical application for real life.

Note: Hollis Tibbetts works for Dell, Inc., as Director for Software Strategy in their Global Mergers & Acquisitions organization.

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